Panasonic GH2 Test Footage

I recently purchased a Panasonic DMX- GH2 DSLR not for photos, but for shooting video. The great thing about the GH2 is the easily modifiable firmware – while the camera’s stock 24Mbps video is nice, using a good patch (as OSG films describes) really makes this camera shine. Right now I’m running with a 100Mbps patch, aiming for a good balance of recording quality and recording time. Right now at 24p I get about an hour and a half on a 64GB card (a nice, fast SanDisk class 10 like OSG recommends), which is OK for most of my purposes, though for long shoots I may have to drop the bitrate down to 50Mbps (which my patch also supports).

Incidentally, if you’re using a camera like this that records to SD cards at very high bitrates, I’d highly recommend getting a card reader for your computer. I picked up a little Kingston USB3 one, and it can max out the transfer speed of my SDXC card (45MB/s or so), where using the camera’s own USB connection only gets me about 7.5MB/s.  It’ll make your footage-pulling experience a lot less tedious.

After the jump is some of the video I’ve already taken with it, via Vimeo and Youtube (I am experimenting to see which is better for me).

On Vimeo:

On Youtube:


Some of the footage is a bit shaky, as it was all handheld and I’m still getting used to the camera (and part of it was shot on the highway in a car).

This video also contains some of my first attempts at colour correction. Not much has been done to these clips (the playground clip is the most extensively modified), but I hope to improve my colour correction skills as I continue to work with this camera.

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