King’s Centre for Visualization in Science: Multiple Uses of Chemicals Site

This summer as part of my work for the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science, I worked on the web design and implementation for the new Multiple Uses of Chemicals site, designed in conjunction with the OPCW. The content was developed by a coworker.


The site itself had to meet several criteria Рfirst, it had to be portable offline, so any sort of server-side technology was out. Secondly, it needed to be able to have content easily edited  without touching the main site code, so I implemented a page loading system via jQuery. This system also allows for easy translation of the website, another of our development goals. Thirdly, the site needed to be interactive without using technologies unavailable on tablets Рthus, lots of interactive jquery and html5 controls, but no flash (except as a fallback for html5 video). The result is a site with a fair bit of interactivity that can be loaded on to an offline medium and viewed without an internet connection if necessary, as well as one that can be translated by third parties without having to distribute the entire site.

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